GPS/GLONASS Disciplined Rb Oscillator VCH-311

GPS/GLONASS disciplined rubidium frequency standard model VCH-311 contains multi-channel GPS/GLONASS receiver, time scale comparison unit and automatically adjustable Rubidium reference oscillator. The instrument is intended to use as a high stable frequency signal source (STANDARD mode), or precision frequency calibrator for any external standard signals (CALIBRATOR mode).

Key Applications
- Verification of metrological parameters of precision frequency signals sources;
- time keeping metrology systems;
- scientific research measurements.


Output signals:
- Sine: 5 and 10 MHz, sine, 1 V into 50 Ω load;
- 2,048 MHz, pulse, (ITU-T G.703);
- 1 Hz, pulse, TTL levels into 50 Ω load, (1 pps GPS/GLONASS receiver output).

Input signals serviceable for frequency calibration:
- 5 or 10 MHz, sine, 1 V into 50 Ω load;
- 2,048 MHz, pulse, (ITU-T G.703).

Metrological characteristics are given in the table:
Relative frequency accuracy in STANDARD mode ≤±3×10−12
Time accuracy from UTC/UTC SU, (RMS) ≤100 ns
Relative accuracy versus warm up time 3 h ≤±2.0×10−11
9 h ≤±7.0×10−12
24 h ≤±3.0×10−12
Allan deviation of output signal 10 MHz
for average time τ
τ=1 s ≤1.5×10−11
τ=1 day ≤2.0×10−12
Frequency calibration error in the
CALIBRATOR mode for average time τ
and measuring time
τ=100 s; T=105 s ≤1.0×10−12
τ=1000 s; T=106 s ≤1.0×10−13

Digital control and monitoring all operating parameters on LSD display.
Interface: RS-232C; USB.
Power: AC 220 V, 50 Hz ; or DC: (38.4÷57.6) V, double inputs (have to be determined in purchase order).
Power consumption: 45 W in normal conditions (85 W warm up time 1 hour).
Dimensions (W×H×D): 483×133×310 mm.
Antenna: dimensions 185x∅181 mm. Weight 0,5 kg. Antenna cable's lenght is 60 m.
Weight: 10 kg.
Warranty: 3 years.
Live time:15 years.